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Why this book?

I’ve worked with hundreds of team members and leaders across different sectors and industries. Time and time again, I see good people in tough (and even horrible) situations. The most frequent complaint or challenge is their relationship with their boss.

For the boss, the issue is often their relationship with their boss, and never-ending deadlines, increasing expectations, team challenges and unrealistic workloads.

For the boss’s boss, their lament is about what’s not working, and again, the challenges of a tough or toxic work environment.


This book isn’t a tirade about bad leaders or just a litany of bad boss stories. Instead, it’s a book of hope and inspiration.

We desperately need good leaders. Leaders who will:

- challenge any unhelpful leadership practices
- tackle significant issues
- bring out the best in their team

We also need happy, healthy and engaged employees – being all they can be each day.

Creating an environment where employees and leaders flourish is a team effort.

Regardless of your role – be it an employee, a boss or leader, the boss’s boss or a leader of leaders – this book encourages you to play your part. It challenges you to examine your role in the dynamic and to own what you can do to make relationships work.

This is not about settling scores or getting even – it’s about moving forward productively and positively. It’s about building your awareness, creating and implementing strategies you can apply, and then reflecting on your progress.

It’s creating the workplace where you excel.

Are you ready to be your best?


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What Readers Are Saying


This a book full of insight, compassion and practical suggestions for managing your career, your organisation and yourself.

Professor Michael Gilding

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Business and Law, Swinburne University of Technology


As a Leader or Leader of Leaders, there are important reminders of the privilege and responsibilities held to support and coach others reach their individual or leadership potential as well as the personal reminder that Leaders never stop needing to develop themselves, reflect and potentially change to get the best out of others. A book I am sure you will continue to pick up, review based on point-in-time situations and take ongoing tips from for years to come.

Helene Gordon

Chief People Officer, Sensis


Michelle’s book, Bad Boss, is a wonderfully astute and practical guide in helping to deal with or improve your relationship with your boss.  Along the way, you may also find some insights about yourself and what you want to achieve. I know that I did.

Jenny Macdonald

Non-Executive Director


Michelle has again delivered a ‘must-read’ for both leaders and followers of today and tomorrow.

Angela Green

Financial Services Executive


The real beauty in Bad Boss is that it gives us all the opportunity to turn the mirror on ourselves to assess and challenge ourselves as a leader.  Filled with stories, challenging questions and conversation starters, Bad Boss allows us to step in the shoes of others in our organisation to consider leadership from different perspectives. We can all relate to stories about a bad boss, but what about when we’ve been the bad boss? If you have the courage to examine your own blind spots and are driven to change, Michelle’s latest book will help you become a better leader.

Julia van Graas

Co-founder - Spiique


Through this deft collection of frameworks and insights, Michelle provides a powerful challenge to take ownership of how we relate to each other on a human level with humility and authenticity.  Her personal reflections on how she’s refocussed her own approach provides a wonderfully simple message of hope for how we can evolve our relationships in the workplace….”I built lasting friendships and connections that enabled us to do more and be more.”

Daniel Madhavan

Chief Executive Officer, Impact Investment Group


Michelle makes a compelling case to truly understand the impact an authentic leader can have and offers surprisingly practical questions to generate awareness and actionable steps for both the boss and employee to own their role in cultivating a positive employment relationship.

Deborah Greenwood-Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Equiem


Being a follower and having a boss, being a boss and the boss of bosses are all transformative stages in a potential leadership journey. Michelle’s insights will help you to create a roadmap for your transformation into exercising better leadership!

Samantha Sharp

Director of Commissioning and Performance, Western Victoria Primary Health Network


Working through this book it became clear to me that through my leadership journey I have found myself in all three situations. If I had access then to the tips and tools in this book, the change required in all instances would have been far easier to navigate. If you are prepared to invest the time and effort to reflect, seek feedback and take action then the outcomes detailed in this book are well within reach.

Robert Ford

Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Leaders


At its heart this book is about hope and bravery and a must-read for anyone who wants to own their journey in developing themselves as a great leader.

Claire Cornfield

General Manager – Operations, HESTA


In Bad Boss, Michelle provides a comprehensive toolkit to build awareness of personal success drivers, but also fashion shifts and adjustments to create cohesive, high-performing teams that multiply value creation and increase engagement.  As in her previous books, Michelle does this in an easy to follow, relatable and intuitive way, applicable to almost any relationship-driven workplace challenge.

Richard Benjamin

Group Director, Strategy, Urbis


In the corporate world, leaders often feel powerless either working for a bad boss or if you are an ineffective leader.  Michelle’s book provides an excellent framework to help navigate a pathway to positively change the situation you may be in, whether you are early in your career or a senior executive.

Lynley Corcoran

HR Executive

About the Author

Michelle is bringing back the happy to workplace culture. The author of three books, and a global keynote speaker, she’s on a mission to help leaders, teams and organisations create successful workplaces - where people thrive, and progress is accelerated.

With decades of experience working at senior leadership levels, her recent efforts inspiring leaders and teams, and her ongoing research, Michelle is uniquely positioned to weave together experience, ideas and research to provide a thoughtful and practical roadmap for progress.


Take a look inside

Having worked with hundreds of leaders and team members, this approach is tested and proven. The book has three sections; one for each of the three pivotal relationships – employee, boss and boss’s boss. While each section has four phases:

Phase 1 – ASSESS

The starting point for every position and role in an organisation is to assess what is going on, what that impact is on you, and what may be the cause.

You’ll be asked to consider: is it them, is it me or is it the environment? (You’ll likely find it’s a combination of all three).

Phase 3 - act
Phase 4 – REFLECT

Throughout the book you’ll find practical actions and ideas to progress. As well, hear from leaders and employees who share their stories of initial pain and frustration, to ultimately positive activation and acceleration!

How this will help you

Release the pressure chamber

The day-to-day working environment often feels like a pressure chamber, right? Thriving in today’s working world is knowing how, where and when to find and operate the release valve.

Personalise your progress

Challenge outdated leadership practices, and build your courage, conviction and capability so you can be all you want to be.

Advance relationships

Take the edge off your stressful work environment by applying strategies and practical techniques to turn unhelpful relationships around.

Create a healthy workplace

It takes teamwork at every level to create an environment where everyone flourishes. Know the role you need to play to transform a tough situation into a thriving workplace.

Elevate your leadership brand

Know how to stay true to your values and principles, stand your ground, while elevating your brand.

Change your future

If you dare to own your part and take action, you’ll get better outcomes and greater career progress.


Want More?

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